Ammoglossa Welcomes You To Lefkada

Ammoglossa beach is pretty much the first beach you’ll run into when entering Lefkada island via road causeway. It represents a perfect sample – if you don’t like what you see, you can easily just turn around and find another location for your holiday up or down the Greek Ionian coast. However, we don’t doubt that you’ll love it. It’s one of those perfect sites that just keep pulling you back and don’t really allow you exploring the rest of the island. It’s a true double-edged sword – isn’t it?

Ammoglossa takes its name from its awkward shape. In Greek, Ammoglossa means a sand tongue, and looking at the beach, one can easily see why. Its golden sands are a welcoming site, and so are moderately shallow waters. Don’t expect to wander too far away, though. Background scenery is more befitting a lagoon than of a Greek island, but that only goes to some extent. If you look further behind, you’ll see a typical Greek landscapes which should return you back to reality. As far as the rest of the background goes, this beach offers an imposing view upon the castle of Santa Maura. After all, the castle is just a hundred or so strokes of hand away toward the Lefkas town’s side.



This beach is basically a small strip of sand, and doesn’t have any facilities, including the showers. However, it’s at walking length to Lefkas town, so there’s really no need for any such facilities anyway. Note, however, that as of 2015, Ammoglossa beach is being transformed. A building site upon the beach suggests that Ammoglossa will soon offer some facilities of its own – but which, you’ll have to ask either the government or the contractors. By the way, good luck with that in transparent Greece.

With all of the aforementioned, it’s easy to figure out that Ammoglossa is a family-friendly beach. It’s more than just family-friendly, though – it is a family beach. Close to town, without noisy beach bars and restaurants, and devoid of any other distractions – Ammoglossa is perfect for families with kids who can either enjoy the clean blue waters or golden sands of the beach itself.

Be sure also to use Google Maps to check out this beach, also, Google provides Street View service that can be very helpful when choosing your next holiday destination:

There are no accommodations here, but they aren’t far away, as we have already mentioned. Lefkada (Lefkas) town is just a short way from the beach itself, and its hotels, restaurants and resorts are usually a welcoming site for all those exhausted by the water. Just as you enter the town, you’ll see the tourist info office, and a few hotels in the background. Closest are Nirikos, Lefkas and Boschetto, but Ionion Star and The Aigli Boutique Hotel aren’t that far away as well. A large choice of available resorts makes the choosing of accommodations even more difficult, but most of these resorts are out of Lefkas Town’s historical center. If you’re more into private accommodations, any of 50 or so apartments, villas or holiday homes should do the trick for you. They can be considerably more expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case every time. It’s best to experiment and book in advance (way in advance) in order to save your money.

Ammoglossa beach is arguably the first beach you’ll encounter when entering the island of Lefkada, and it might be everything you need really. Of course, we encourage you to experiment further, but don’t fail to visit this sandy gem of a beach as well. Only thing uncertain at the time are beach’s future outlook and surroundings. We loved Ammoglossa the way it was, but who’s to say that changes aren’t for the better.

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