Kastro – Gold Sand And Clear Blue Water

Lefkada is one of those special places with plenty of beaches, basically from your first foot on its soil. As soon as you cross the bridge connecting the island with Greek mainland, you’ll reach Lefkada (Lefkos) town. Before that, however – instead taking the left, you can take the right turn and end up across the artificial lagoon which separates the town from island’s northernmost beaches.

Apart from white and gold sands, and clear blue water, these beaches offer unique proximity to the town itself, which makes them popular among locals as well as among tourists. Between Gyra to the west and Ammoglossa to the east, you’ll bump onto Kastro beach. This beach is a part of the 7 kilometers long strip of sand which basically means that this amalgam of beaches represents the longest one on the island.


Apart from already mentioned white sand and clear blue water, Kastro beach boasts great amenities portfolio. For starters, it’s easily accessible by road, and has a free parking. Furthermore, if you haven’t arrived here by your own transportation, you can always take a bus which stops at beach’s entrance. Even walking some 15 minutes or more from Lefkada town shouldn’t pose a problem. Sadly, beach itself isn’t very developed in terms of other amenities and accommodations. Lucky for you, Lefkada town is as close as it gets, and you can easily supply yourself with everything you might need on a day-long beach picnic.

There’s nothing much to see while visiting Kastro beach. Simply enough, this is a place where most locals spend their free time – and they never really needed any luxury. Santa Maura Castle and Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary are pretty much the only notable buildings close to the beach – or at least relatively close. They are found in opposite directions, and aforementioned Ammoglossa beach is much better option if you’re interested in the castle. If you would like to see the church, however, Gyra beach offers quicker access at the other end.

Needless to say – hotels and other types of accommodation on the beach itself, or in its close vicinity are out of the question. They simply don’t exist. With Lefkada town quite close to the beach this shouldn’t really pose a problem to anyone. Island’s capital offers plenty of hotels, resorts, villas, studio apartments and pretty much anything you can think of in terms of spending the night. Nirikos, Lefkas, Ianos and Boschetto are just some of city’s affordable hotels, and you would be advised to know that exquisite accommodations don’t exist in this category.

If you have deeper pocket, more refined taste and you are looking for more luxury, you should probably take a look at one of Lefkada’s villas. Hector, Olivastro, Dimitris, Elia and Casa Smaragdi are some of the best rated villas in beach’s close vicinity. Studio apartments, on the other hand, are a middle ground between comfortable and affordable accommodations. Eleana, Niki, Evaggelia, Ionian Breeze studios and Casa Di Maura should be the first things to look at.


Kastro beach might not be the most beautiful, unique or special in any other way, but it’s a beach with plenty of people during the entire season. The fact that locals frequently visit this place shouldn’t discourage you in any way. This only means that the beach is close by, easily accessible and resonates with family atmosphere. If you’re more interested in water sports, splendid sights and beach bars, you should probably look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, white sands and blue waters are what does the trick for you, then you probably don’t have to look further than Kastro.

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