Mylos – Water And Air Sports Paradise

Mylos beach gravitates towards the small village of Agios Nikitas which is some 14 kilometers (9 miles) south-west of Lefkas town which serves as a gateway to the island of Lefkada. Exposed to the west winds, Mylos is perfect for water and air sports, as well as for swimming. The beach is vast and offers plenty of space for many visitors as such. If you’re exploring the north or west side of Lefkada island, Mylos beach should be one of your priorities, but probably isn’t a perfect choice for everyday visits due to strong winds.

The only way to reach Mylos beach currently is either by foot or by boat, but road access and some parking spots aren’t that far away up the hill. Yellow sand and shingle are materials of which the beach itself is composed, and light blue waters fit the picture perfectly. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to witness plethora of unreal colors during your stay. Beach can be crowded at times, but given the fact that access to it is still unfinished, that’s a rare situation. Until the local authorities finally make the road all the way down to the beach, Mylos will remain hard to get to, and thus relatively wild and unspoiled.

Mylos Beach

Mylos Beach

Beach itself doesn’t have any amenities and accommodations, but road access features a few bars, taverns and restaurants. Still, you should be advised to take an umbrella with you, and carry plenty of supplies as ascent to these amenities might take as much as 30 minutes. You can also take another route and decide to visit the old 18th century windmill up above the beach and the village of Agios Nikitas as well. It’s now converted into a bar which is a welcoming site after prolonged tumbling over steep stairs and rough terrain.

An easier way is to take a €3 taxi boat which sails from the village and takes you straight to the beach via water. Beware of high waves and strong winds, though, and be prepared to get soaked. That’s the price of not being forced to walk. Be advised, though, that taxi boats operate only during the summer season. While Mylos represents a perfect location for windsurfers and other adrenaline rushers, actual equipment rental is impossible here. Mylos is still a wild beach, and you’d be advised to try your exhibitions elsewhere.


If you’re planning on staying close to the beach, Agios Nikitas has some accommodations for you. This quiet village features no less than 9 hotels – mostly lower category ones. Apart from the hotels like Odyssey, Lefkas Petra and Olive Tree, Agios Nikitas has a number of apartments and private rentals which you can also consider. Milos Studios, Villas Pantheon and Afroditi Pansion are some of them. Center of the village features Poseidon Tavern and a supermarket which should be enough to supply you for a day at the wild Mylos beach. Don’t forget to buy everything you need as walking back to the supermarket might ruin your day at the beach. Plus, who would have decided to get back for a few forgotten things – even if they’re essentials?


Mylos beach is one of the last unspoiled, wild beaches left on Lefkada island. Even though it can be crowded, it still represents one of the best choices if you’re looking for seclusion – especially on its southern tip. It might not be as easy to access, but it’s definitely worth the visit. Still, many people will say that current stairs and narrow access roads aren’t that hard to navigate. A little bit of recreation never really hurt anybody.

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